ARION Molyvos International Guitar Festival

It is Beauty that I served.

What greater way, as bestowed upon me by the Muses with their own power,

to say: Truly, in the times to come, someone will be there to remember me.



For us modern “Mythimneans”, the citizens of Molyvos, the cultural heritage of Lesbos is not a piece of information in a tourist guide.

It is a priceless gift that we carry with a sense of responsibility and joy.

It is our gaze and our breath.

Molyvos is the land that gave birth to the famous guitarist (“Kitharodos”) and lyrical poet of the ancient world, Arion the Mithymnean. Not a single verse of his survived, except for a story that was passed down to us by Herodotus: Once upon a time, sailors who were bringing Arion from Sicily to Corinth, threw him into the sea in order to share his riches amongst themselves, but he was saved by a dolphin who heard him singing what he thought to be his final song.

Such a story reminds us that every man’s talent is his power, which can conquer and subjugate nature so as to bring him back to land.

Every year this story comes alive between the strings and the fingers of all the musicians who arrive from all corners of the earth to participate in the Arion International Guitar Festival in Molyvos. Molyvos Tourism Association organized for the first time this festival in 2012.  All these years participate in Arion musicians, music professors, artists and students from all over the world. Our philosophy is to approach the guitar as a mean of music expression and esthetic cultivation. As a way to communicate with each other and make music together with different instruments and artists of all kinds.