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Alec Pearson

Alec Pearson enjoys a budding career in Vancouver and has performed both solo and in ensemble across Canada, Spain, Colombia and the U.S.. He is an active figure in Vancouvers own Classic Guitar Society  and serves as a board member for the popular Non-profit. Helping to organize many events has been a “continuing source of inspiration” for the young artist and Alec encourages anyone with an interest in music to come and join in the fun.  Alec currently teaches as a sessional instructor of guitar at the University of British Colombia where he enjoys coaching both the undergraduate students, as well as ensembles.

Mr.Pearson holds the degree “Máster en Interpretación de Guitarra Clasica” from the Universitat d’Alacant in Alicante, Spain, where he studied with an array of the best guitarists in the world, including; David Russell, Pepe Romero, Manuel Barrueco, Roberto Aussel, Paul Galbraith and Fabio Zanon to list a few.

Prior to studying abroad, Alec earned a Masters degree from the University of British Columbia where he studied with internationally renowned Canadian guitarist and mentor Daniel Bolshoy. In 2012 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Montreal where he frequently performed. He was born and raised in Calgary where he first received exposure to the guitar under the tutelage of Jose Fermin. During his youth he was an active member of the Classical Guitar Society of Calgary and began his own teaching career at the age of 17.

Keep an eye open for performances by trio211 (click for link)A newly formed ensemble featuring Alec, Flute Virtuoso Bernard Blary, and master violinist Larisa Lebeda. Very young in their inception, trio 211 has already enjoyed many performance opportunities and has arranged many works for their ensemble combination.