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Athanasios Ziros

Athanasios Ziros was born in Athens Greece in 1977. He began studying classical guitar when he was 5 years old under the guidance of Thanasis Poulianitis and gave his first solo performance at 11 years of age. While participating at the now historical guitar festival of Volos he met with his lifelong professor and friend Vasilis Kanaras with whom he continued his studies and acquired the Conservatoire Degree in 1994. At the same time, he undertook advanced courses on counterpoint and fugue with Antonis Georgatos and acquired the composition Diploma in 2001. He worked as a teacher of guitar, theory and preparatory courses in various conservatoires from 1995 to 2002, focusing on the youngster’s pedagogical approach. Pursuing his interest in 16th -18th century repertoire he began playing renaissance lute and soprano recorder. Furthermore he explored the role of personal computers in recording, reproducing and publishing musical scores. In 2000 he received his Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens and thereafter he regards the art of civil engineering as his main occupation. His MS.c. and Ph.D. focus on sea hydrodynamics and urban hydrology.

Moving to Lesvos Island in NE Aegean in 2012, he was exposed to a rich musical idiom, a crossbreed between western and oriental style that severely influenced his approach to guitar character and role. He transcripted several folk and traditional tunes and participated in small local ensembles playing the unconventional role of a polyphonical accompaniment guitar. In 2013 he organized in collaboration with Primary School Parents and Teachers Association classical guitar lessons and a small children choir at Mantamados village. Nowadays, more that 50 children attend his classes, giving annual performances and participating in music festivals around the island. He is cooperating with “ANIMATO” Choir and studies trumpet in their wind instruments department. He has a son that plays the pianoforte.