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Dimitra Trypani

Dimitra Trypani is a composer and an academic practitioner. As a composer and performer she is focused on the application of polyrhythms and contemporary compositional techniques combined with interdisciplinary procedures, towards the creation of music performances, which incorporate strong visual as well as movement elements.

As an educator she has been exploring the combinatory use of rhythm, voice and movement in relation to ear training, in order to develop alternative and – optimistically thinking – engaging practical ways to “unblock” essential areas in the wider field of her students’ hearing perception.

As a researcher, Dimitra is experimenting in all the above areas through the running of special workshops and seminars, but also through artistic projects which she is in charge of.

Together with her academic responsibilities, she has also recently re-established and is running the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the Department of Music Studies “Portativ”, as well as assisting in matters of Academic development and strategies.