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Effie Zaitidou

Effie Zaitidou was born in Athens.

She grew up into a musical family and due to that, she was deeply immersed in the sound of Βyzantine and Τraditional Greek Μusic from very young.

At the age of six she started Piano lessons, and soon began studying Music Theory.

In her high school years, she attended Byzantine Music lessons.

During her studies in the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (Department of Traditional Music), she devoted herself to the study of music traditions found in the area of the wider eastern Mediterranean and she choosed to be specialized in the qanoon.

Since 2004, she has been an active member of Al Mahabba Enseble which was founded with the purpose of research and attribution of classic Arabic music from Middle East and the arabic-speaking countries of Africa.

She has been teaching Qannoon and Music Workshops in the Music High Schools of Athens.

She has collaborated with famous Greek composers and singers as a professional qanoon player.