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Franziska Reichenbächer

Franziska Reichenbächer is a violin teacher at the Music School of Lübeck, Germany.

She has received her first violin lessons at age five by Heike Trimpert, Michaela Freitag and Barbara Kralle. She has been awarded a degree in Music Education and Violin Performance at the Music University of Lübeck, Germany, where she was taught violin by prof. Hovhannes Baghdasaryan. She has participated in many Masterclasses with prof. Maria Egelhof (Music University, Lübeck, Germany) and prof. Spyros Gikontis (Ionian University, Corfu, Greece).

At the period she was taught violin by Spyros Gikontis she gave concerts in Corfu, Rhodos and Xanthi, Greece, as a member of Duo Concertante, Ionian Camerata and Ionian Chamber Music Ensemble. As a founder member of Duo Concertante, she also gave concerts in various places in Europe which were positively received by the audience and the press.

Other artistic activities include the recording of a professional DVD, with the team of Ηeike Trimpert and Ulrich Moritz, for a book entitled ,,Rhythm songs“, as well as her participation as a soprano in performances at the Opera House of Lübeck.