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Tilemachos Roudniklis

Tilemachos Roudniklis holds a diploma in classical guitar. He is also a  graduate of the Department of Music Studies – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He was born in Olympiada – Ptolemaida and in recent years he lives in Thessaloniki where he is active playing and teaching guitar. He studied guitar with Kostas  Makrygiannakis (Thessaloniki Municipal Conservatoire & “Music College” Coservatoire and has attended seminars with Odair Assad, Roland Dyens, Marcin Dylla, Oscar Ghiglia and Nora Bushman. He writes, transcribes and arranges works for solo guitar and chamber music. His broad area of interest in music has led him to numerous collaborations with ensembles such as a “Caldera trio”, “Inner Sail” and “Aloha moloha”. As a member of these ensembles he has recorded some of his own works and arrangements  (Caldera trio – album Dive with “Inner Sail”). Since 2018, Tilemachos has performed as a soloist with Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki at Thessaloniki Concert Hall and has collaborated with the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki and Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in various productions. He teaches guitar at Ω2 Conservatoire and at the Thessaloniki Municipal Conservatoire.