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Yiannis Giakoumakis

Yiannis Giakoumakis prominent solist guitar with a career spanning in a period of 35 years already, is considered one of the main representatives of his generation of guitarists.
Born in the old town of Rhodes , began his musical studies at the age of 7, studying violin with his father Yakoumaki Anastasi as a teacher, who initiated him into the magical world of music,thus decisively influencing his future developments.
But soon he began to study guitar, and at the age of 14 he gave his first recital.
He continued his studies in Athens with the great guitarist and teacher Evangelos Asimakopulos, meanwhile attending dozens of seminars and master classes in Greece and abroad.
He graduated from the National Conservatory and the diplomatic exam, won the first prize and the highest honours of the conservatoire, ‘Excellence Outstanding Proficiency. ”
He began his international career, appearing in European countries (Cyprus, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Spain).
He has composed music for 10 children’s plays, has orchestrated several albums and collaborated repeatedly with the Rhodian songwriterTakisVouis, giving concerts throughout Greece, presenting programs with music for voice and guitar.
He has collaborated as solist with string orchestras: “VIRTUOSI DI PRAGA” and “SINFONIETTA ATHENS”.
Yiannis Giakoumais, lives and teaches in Rhodes, having created an important seminary for new guitarists who are already starring in the music scene of our country.