Monday August 1st, 21:00, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

800 b.C.

Nymphs dancing and walking on the chine of poetry and music.

A hymn for the human nature.

Irini Bilini Moraiti, soprano

Korina Vougiouka, guitar

Dimitris Kountouras, historical flutes

 Aggeliki Tombrou, narration

Tuesday August 2nd, 21:00, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

The polyphonic Violoncello

with the Ionian University Violoncello Professor

Ioannis Toulis

One of the most important guitar characteristics is to accompany itself. An enviable capability for the other string instruments; to play the melodies and the harmonies at the same time, without the need of another instrument. The violoncello may have two string less compared to the guitar, but it still tries to achieve that same polyphonic independence.

Wednesday August 3rd, 21:00, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

– 1st part:

Guitar recital

with the multi-talented award-winning Dutch guitarist

Irene Kalisvaart 

– 2nd part:

Guitar recital

with the internationally acclaimed Canadian guitarist

Dale Kavanagh 

Thursday August 4th, 20:30, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

Guitar recital

with the award-winning Australian guitarist

Campbell  Diamond 

Friday August 5th, 21:00, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

Final round of the 8th International Guitar Competition Arion

Young talented guitarists from all over the world who travelled to Molyvos, aspire to be their best self.  

Friday August 5th, 19:30, Molyvos Conference Hall

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Performance by the children participated in the music theatre workshop Little Arion

Saturday August 6th, 21:00, “Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

Arion’s Fest !

It is the last day and the 10th Arion International Guitar Festival and the participants are presenting a music evening full of joy; a unique feeling gifted by the cooperation and the common music making.

Sunday August 7th, 21:00, Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos, Agia Paraskevi

‘Love the Magician’ – Spanish and Latinamerican guitar music

 The most captivating side of the guitar, performed with passion and animation by young guitarists.

Anastasopoulos, M. Kapatasidou, A. Makrakis, E. Mesimeri, V. Orfanou, A. Sipsas

Side activities 

Tuesday August 2nd –  Saturday August 6th, Molyvos’ Hammam, every morning between 12:00-13:00

Guitarist in private moments

Short unofficial guitar recitals.