Thursday August  1st Αυγούστου, 21:00, Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos, Agia Paraskevi

 «The journey of the violin» –  Duo Concertante

Concert for two violins

 Spyros Gikontis_ Franziska Reichenbächer

Spyros Gikontis, professor at the Ionian University and Franziska Reichenbächer violin teacher at the Music School of Lübeck perform together since 2015.  In 2018 they recorded their first  CD at the house of Manos Chatzidakis in Xanthi.Their repertoire includes works from Barock to the present.

Friday August 2nd , 21:00, Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos


Chamber Music for three guitar players!

Kostas Makrygiannakis, Kostis Kostopoulos, Tilemachos Roudniklis

From Monteverdi to Ravel and Glass, “magma” explores the classical and the folk musical tradition of the old and new world. The three guitarists transform their personal musical taste and experience to a journey by using written scores as well as improvisation applied on different instruments of the guitar family.

Saturday August 3rd, 21:00, Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

Yesterday evening

Famous and beloved songs and ariettes from Greek operettes

Roza Poulimenou, soprano _ Michalis Psyrras, baritone _ Korina Vougiouka, guitarist_Spyrow Gikontis, violinist.

During the first half of the 20th century, composers and song writers such as Attic and Kostas Yannidis wrote songs and operettes that became very famous. They express a melancholic atmosphere and at the same time a lightness that makes them so  loved even in our days.

Sunday August 4th, 21:00, Desmos” Cultural Venue in Molyvos

The circle of the musical poets

A poetic musical narration with songs inspired by great poems 

Christina Maxouri, singing _ Konstantinos Evangelidis, piano

A performance rich of words and music. Dionysios Solomos, Konstantinos Kavafis, Odysseas Elytis, Miltos Sachtouris, Napoleon Lapathiotis, Nikos Kavadias and other significant poets who have inspired composers such as Mikis Theodorakis,  Manos Chatzidakis, Nikos Xidakis and Thanos Mikroutsikos will be present; in addition to classical composers such as Erik Satie and Claude Debussy, as well as compositions by Konstantinos Evangelidis.