Representations of Arion in European Art

“Representations of Arion in European Art” is an academic workshop with Academics and researchers from Greece and abroad, which will take place on 31 July 2022 in Molyvos, Lesvos Greece.


First Session 

18.00΄18.10΄: Welcome

18.10΄-18.20΄: Opening Remarks

18.20΄-18.40΄: Ianthi Assimakopoulou, Arion in Andrea Mantegnas Camera Picta

18.40΄-19.00΄: José Riello, Arion and the Dolphin by Albrecht Dürer: A Story on Discovery and Circulation

19.00΄-19.20΄: Ioannis Petropoulos, Arion’s Dolphin and Raphael’s Resurrection of Christ

19.20΄-19.40΄: Fernando Marías, Arion and Italian Cinquecento Painting

19.40΄-20.10΄: Discussion

20.10΄-20.30΄: Coffee break

 Second Session

 20.30΄-20.50΄: Jim Harris, A Tale Told by an Idiot: Arion Painted Badly in the Ashmolean Museum

20.50΄-21.10΄:  Rembrandt Duits, Adapting Arion: The Singer Saved by a Dolphin in Emblems and Allegories of the Dutch Golden Age

21.10΄-21.30΄: Anna Tahinci, Bouguereau, Arion and the Sea Monster

21.30΄-22.00΄: Discussion


“DESMOS” Cultural Venue